Revolutionizing Construction: The Digital Marketplace for Hawaii’s Building Essentials

In the lush landscapes of Hawaii, where tradition meets innovation, Construction Materials Hawaii has been a cornerstone in the building industry since its inception in 1969. Founded by Florence and Bob, and later incorporated as Robert P. Freitas Ent., Inc. in 1971, the company has been a beacon of reliability and quality in providing construction materials. Known for their commitment to the Aloha Spirit, the founders have instilled values that resonate through the decades. Now, as the company steps into the digital age, it continues to offer the same trusted service, adapted to the modern world of online shopping.

Unleashing the Power of Online Selection

"Click, Select, Build: Navigating the Online Aisle"

Embracing the future, our virtual aisles are lined with a comprehensive range of construction materials. From robust steel rods to precise fasteners, our user-friendly website makes finding the perfect item for your project effortless. This digital shift represents our commitment to evolving while maintaining the 'Mama and Papa' store tradition cherished by our founders.

Quality and Reliability: Our Online Promise

"Building Blocks of Trust: Quality at Your Fingertips"

Our dedication to quality has been unwavering since Bob, a proud Kaimuki High School graduate, and Florence, the versatile backbone of our operation, first established Construction Materials Hawaii. Our online inventory upholds these high standards, featuring products with detailed specifications and quality assurances.

Innovation Meets Tradition

"Blueprints to Browsing: Hawaii’s Trusted Source Goes Digital"

As we continue to serve Hawaii with the same spirit instilled by our founders, our online store symbolizes a bridge between past values and future technologies. We offer an array of products suitable for diverse construction needs, embodying the legacy of our Kupuna (Founders) while embracing new innovations.

Tailored Delivery: The Aloha Spirit in Action

"Seamless Supply Chain: Island-Wide Delivery Made Easy"

We understand the unique shipping challenges in Hawaii and have streamlined our process to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery across the islands. Reflecting the Aloha Spirit in every transaction, we are committed to providing a service that is as reliable and warm as it has been for over 50 years.

Building Hawaii’s Future, One Click at a Time

Construction Materials Hawaii is more than just a supplier; it's a part of Hawaii's history and its future. From our humble beginnings with Florence and Bob to our current digital expansion, we are here to support Hawaii’s construction industry with quality, reliability, and a touch of the Aloha spirit. Whether it's a simple home repair or a grand construction project, our online store is equipped to meet all your needs.

For any queries or special requirements, contact us at (808) 836-3566 or visit our contact page. Enjoy hassle-free ordering and easy management of deliveries right from our user-friendly website.